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we're available for you.

we will schedule phone appointments if you call 262-595-2372. please work with your instructor and disability services to figure out accommodation needs for newly modified courses. for exams, we will work with you and your instructor to provide appropriate accommodations. 

documentation forms are available online. if you need to register for disability services, you can log in your request in accommodate. you will receive an email from a specialist and a phone appointment will be scheduled.

disability services

parkside is committed to high-quality educational programs, creative and scholarly activities, and services responsive to a diverse student population. to fulfill this mission, disability services recognizes that all persons, regardless of ability, are an integral part of our community. further, it is our goal to effectively collaborate with students, instructors, staff and community members to create usable, equitable, inclusive, and sustainable learning environments.


need to file a complaint? the following links may be helpful:

dean of students  office of civil rights

how to register with disability services

step 1

be admitted to parkside and attend orientation

it is the student's responsibility to self-identify to csd, provide documentation that meets documentation guidelines, and request specific services.

the majority of materials and registration is done online, but please do not hesitate to contact our office with any questions and/or difficulties.

step 2

complete online accommodation request form

to request an accommodation, click the accommodation tab once logged in. to request an appointment, click the appointment tab once logged in.

accomodation request form

step 3

provide disability documentation

read documentation guidelines that apply to your diagnosis. forward these guidelines to the clinician providing your documentation.

send ds any records of accommodations/services provided to you at any previous academic settings (e.g. iep, section 504 plan, college service plan, etc.) and any record of accommodations provided for any national standardized exams (e.g. act, sat, gre, lsat, etc.). this documentation is helpful but not necessarily sufficient to determine eligibility for services.

documentation guidelines

note: if you suspect you may have a disability but have never been diagnosed, see the documentation guidelines.

step 4

schedule a preliminary meeting to discuss your needs

current uw-parkside students and students admitted to uw-parkside can contact our front desk at 262-595-2372 to schedule an appointment with disability services. make sure your disability documentation arrives at least a week prior to this appointment.

until you are currently enrolled or admitted to uw-parkside, you do not need to schedule an appointment.

step 5

eligibility for services is determined

students and disability services complete the meeting process. during this meeting the prospective student is encouraged to share their accommodation needs. documentation may be reviewed and discussed during this meeting.

eligibility for services is based on a combination of the student's description of need, the thoroughness of the disability documentation and documentation policies (see disability documentation guidelines). if all eligibility requirements are met at this time, then, a verified individualized services and accommodations plan is written. if all requirements are not met, you will be advised on how to proceed.

you will be notified of your eligibility for services by mail or university email within sixty days of submitting appropriate documentation.

note: pending the receipt of appropriate documentation, the university reserves the right to deny services or accommodations.


accommodation plan developed and student receives accommodation plan

at your intake appointment you and your disability service coordinator will discuss your documentation and need for accommodations. an accommodation letter will be completed at this time if it was not completed in the preliminary meeting. upon the completion of your letter, you will be eligible to receive services/accommodations.

you may also receive approval of accommodations through your ranger email.

student's accommodation letters are good for one year. after one year, the student will need to request a new accommodation letter. if a student's diagnosis changes or if the student would like to discuss additional accommodations, an appointment in necessary.

temporary disabilities

temporary disabilities include, but are not limited to, broken limbs, burns, post-surgery recovery, and other similar conditions that temporarily impair or influence a student's ability to fully participate in academic activities.

the university is not obligated to provide accommodations to students with temporary, non-chronic impairments. however, timely and honest communication about the nature and length of the disability and the request for accommodations can often result in a positive solution.

more about temporary disabilities

contact information

renee' sartin kirby, director
262-595-2372  |   kirby@uwp.edu  |  wyllie hall, library l2 (t223)

disability services

fax: 262-595-2138

wyllie hall, library l2 (t223)
900 wood rd. 
kenosha, wi 53144
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