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          • 性能助理教授和表演的头
          • 戏剧艺术系
          • MFA, 匹兹堡大学,1999年
          • 电话:(262)595-2594
          • 电子邮件: gillb@uwp.edu
          Brian Gill


          • 舞台表演
          • 莎士比亚
          • 武打
          Brian J. Gill is a member of the Theatre 艺术 Faculty serving as an 性能助理教授和表演的头. He has been a professional stage actor for over 20 years, appearing at such theaters as Milwaukee Chamber Theatre, Milwaukee Shakespeare, Renaissance Theaterworks, First Stage Children’s Theatre, goats & monkeys (co-founder and company member) and Milwaukee Repertory Theatre. Chicago credits include: Goodman Theatre, Chicago Shakespeare Theater, Victory Gardens, Shakespeare Project of Chicago, Drury Lane Oakbrook, Remy Bumppo Theatre Company, Provision Theater, Apple Tree Theatre and Famous Door; Regionally Brian has performed at Theatre at the Center, the Illinois and Texas Shakespeare Festivals, Allenberry 玩house, and the historic Ford’s Theatre in Washington DC. He is also the narrator of over three-dozen audio books. Brian trained at 莎士比亚’s Globe Theatre in London as a member of the First 国际 Artistic Fellowship, training and performing with Mike Alfreds and Mark Rylance. He received his M.F.A. from the University of Pittsburgh. Parkside 剧院 directing credits include Book of Days, Hedda Gabler, A Streetcar Named Desire and 做n Juan. He a proud member of Actor’s Equity Association.






          西娅014 - 实习行事
          西娅110 - 戏剧鉴赏
          西娅125 - 我行动
          西娅213 - 协助directr /台mngr
          西娅213 - 协助舞台经理/总监
          西娅214 - INTERMED演技实习
          西娅225 - 演技II
          西娅228 - 声音的演员我
          西娅250 - 武打我
          西娅251 - 武打II
          西娅294 - 自称剧院实习
          西娅299 - 独立研究
          西娅314 - 先进的演技实习
          西娅317 - 戏剧
          西娅325 - 演技III
          THEA 357 - THEATRE HIST & LIT 1915-TODAY
          西娅386 - 技术试听
          西娅390 - 戏剧艺术特别TPCS:
          西娅425 - IV作用
          西娅494 - 专业图片剧院实习
          西娅499 - 独立研究

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