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Coffee&Beverage E-juice Siries

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    A cup of coffee, a book, a free noon; An aroma, a smoke, an indifferent life.

1 516601 Green Tea Rich Green Tea aroma, taste like the pure green tea fragrance, will leave a light tea acerbity feeling in the mouth, rich aroma, pure elegance.
2 516610 Green Tea The west lake longjing tea aroma, aroma pure and fresh and elegant, light mint around the delicate taste.
3 516612 Guanyin Tea It's a poem of tea, young girls pick the teas after the rainy night till the sun go to the west. Sweet sweat mix with the tea roma, build up the a different scene. 
4 316801 Jasmine Green Tea Elegant green tea aroma mixed with fresh jasmine fragrance, pure taste.
5 401701 Coffee Strong coffee with light milk aroma, gently charcoal burning incense, pleasant aftertaste.
6 401602 Carbon burning coffee  Elegant and pure carbon burning coffee aroma, moderate meticulous caramel flavor, taste mellow and exquisite.
7 402608 Blue mountain coffee Rich elegant coffee aroma, freshly brewed coffee scent, tasted gentle.
8 366606 Red bull Strong aromas of red bull ,the perfect combination of elegant and rich fruit and flowers.
9 366603 Red bull 0mg Strong aromas of red bull ,the perfect combination of elegant and rich fruit and flowers without adding nicotine content.
10 334610 Cola Ice Refreshing aroma of iced cola, taste comfortable, have coke bubbles burst stimulation in the mouth.
11 323615 Sprite  Iced Sprite flavor, a wisp of fresh lemon scent hit your nose, mint ice cool, summer cool and refreshing, through heart cool, heart flies upwards.
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