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Fruit E-juice Seires

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    Welcome to the colorful world of fruit, sweet, refreshing,it 's hard to turn away. Enjoy the flora and fruit in the fog, like the fictitious world.

1 311604  VIOLET MOON IN RAIN Ripe blueberry aroma, rich berries scent, strongly pulp, rich aftertaste.
2 350605  MOSCOW Rich and elegant grape scent, like the good feeling as biting the skin of the grape, spreads out the fresh juice, makes you falling into sweet drunk
3 316801  HEART'S KISS Elegant green tea aroma, refresh jasmine flower scent, pure and rich aftertaste
4 308630  FRUITY MANOR Sweet and yummy apple aroma, the perfect combination of green and red apple, rich and full note, fine, mellow and soft aftertaste.
5 334606  DREAMING MIDSUMMER Refreshing and icy coke aroma, comfortable aftertaste, the coke bubble speads out in the mouth.
6 379601  DREAM LOVER Warm and graceful rose aroma, like the elegant experience of spring wind come to your face
7 302605  HONEY VANILLA Rich pod aroma, moderate sweet vanilla scent, fine and mellow vanilla taste
8 319602  PEAR BLOSSOM Rich rock candy pear aroma, pleasant scent, fine and rich aftertaste.
9 402604  MEMORIES FLOWING Rich and elegant coffee aroma, rich and fresh groud coffee scent, fine and smooth aftertaste.
10 315610  SWEETY ICE DANCE Ripe mango juice aroma, cool menthol taste, perfect reflect of aroma and taste.
11 397610  BLACK HOLE Rich tropic fruit aroma, rich and changeable note, extensive imagination space, fine and smooth aftertaste.
12 308622  KAIDOU Combination of mellow and smooth cream and refreshing crispy green apple.
13 309610  菊次郎の夏 Moderate sweety fruit profile, lychee aroma like the beauty of falling into love, rich and pretty taste.
14 303610  STRAWBERRY FARM Fresh and ripe strawberry aroma, rich and bueatiful scent, mellow pulpy and rich aftertaste.
15 306611  OASIS Rich melon profile, smells like honey-dew melon sac,sweet and mellow aroma, fine and smooth aftertaste.
16 315620  VALENTINE Fresh and oure mango aroma, green mango' astringency combined with the ripe mango's pulpy and juicy feeling, rich and full smoke, smooth and nature.
17 397603  THE SMURFS Perfect combination of multi fruit, rich and full aroma, fine and juicy taste.
18 323620  CALIFORNIA LEMON Pleasant refreshing lemon aroma, cool feeling of pure menthol dilute the scorching heat of summer, refreshing and comfortable taste, refined and elegant note.
19 346610  MIST Elegant and penetrating melon aroma, quietly elegant pasty sweet as base note, light milk and vanilla as mid note, endless aftertaste. 
20 303636  SMILE STRAWBERRY Fresh strawberry taste, combined with smooth yoghurt aroma, fine and smooth, mellow and full smoke.
21 399605  COOL BREEZE Multi fruit mixed taste, rich and elegant aroma, offering endless imagination space.
22 398615  CAPITAIN RED BEARD Elegant sweet aroma, combined with pure vanilla base, light milk aroma link up with different notes, rich and fine scent, makes you falling into sweet drunk.
23 398658  RAPESEED MILK Vegetable milk profile, elegant and refreshing vegetable scent, pure and elegant milk taste, feels fine and yummy, pretty and pleasant.
24 398618  GOLDEN MELON Pure pumpkin aroma, rich and comfortable, huge satisfaction, the elegant pumpkin aroma spreads out in the air, smokes and smells really good.
25 398625  SHADOW Elegant tangerine peel profile, charming aroma, sweet and clean in mouth, enjoy in full of smoke.
26 398626  PHANTAM Elegant chocolate bread aroma, light natural chocolate taste and strong toasted bread taste.
27 398636  RAIN OF SILENCE Quietly elegant mixed fruit aroma, smoke deeply, like the wind of early spring, refreshing and melodious smoke, circling the nose and gently touch the vicissitudes cheek.
28 398659  SUMMER AGAINST Fresh ripe pineapple aroma, long-lasting and rich aftertaste.
29 398632  FLYING 100% Iced Sprite profile, a refreshing lemon aroma attack your nose, the icy menthol bring cool in summer, penetrating coolness, mind flying.
30 398628  GINGER'S CONFICT Fresh ginger meet with mellow milk, like the long-time old friend, sweety and smoothy.
31 398630  MIDNIGHT'S FALLEN Rich peanut aroma penetrating light baked scent, found up the graceful style and the smoke oil.
32 398635  SOUL HUNTER Elegant milk profile, the smoke roll over the throat, get into the lung, breath out the smoke slowly, refreshing and long-lasting.
33 399704  STORY OF LOVERS Rich vanilla aroma, accompanied bysoft and silky milk, like the elegant dancer on the tip of the tongue, fondle admiringly superior product.
34 366704  FRUITY PARADISE Rich tropical fruit mixed aroma, strongly mellow and fine aftertaste, offering dreaming sweet journey.
35 101751  NIGHT ELF Gentle and cultivated aroma, moderate sweet, light nature tobacco scent, unique note formula, offering pleasant and special smoking experience.
36 398665  INRESISTIBLE CHARM Rich tropical aroma, refreshing ripe mango taste, rich and high-class note, fine and juicy, touch your heart in a sea of faces.
37 398666  REVENGE Red fruit pleasant homeland, raspberry, strawberry and cherry mixed up as a unique aroma, collection the fruits' taste and aroma.
38 398660  LUNAR ECLIPSE Refreshing honey grapefruit aroma, lingering like the flower, impressived and reveling, graceful as honey, endless aftertaste.
39 398673  BJ 1# PEANUT CHOCOLATE Elegant baked note founded up the smoke oil's high-class style, circling the taste of sweet sweet banana and mellow nut, very unforgetable.
40 398675  BJ 2# LEMON HONEY GRAPEFRUIT TEA Combined by lemon, honey and grapefruit, falling into a poem, listening the rain in spring, watching the young lady collecting the tea.
41 398676  BJ 3# GINGER JUICE COLA The love between ginger and coke, fresh ginger and iced coke mixed up, rich and elegant aroma, fine and mellow aftertaste.
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