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Menthol E-juice Series

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    Do you miss the walking with your lover in the winter night? Did you have the experience ending up the relationship and companied with ice rain. Forget the seasons, Menthol series brings you into the world of ice.

1 201701 RAMBLE IN HEAVEN Cool feeling of the natural menthol, rich and mellow comfortable aftertaste,elegant note, perfectly combination of tobacco and menthol.
2 202701  WINTERTOUCHED Refresh menthol note, refresh and natural aftertaste, mellow and penetrating scent, rich and long-lasting.
3 202702  SUNSHINE GREENSHELL Refresh green tea aroma combined with complex rich menthol'cool feeling,a unified entity, mellow and penetrating.
4 201708  COUNTRY MELODY Strongly cool feeling of menthol, light lemon aroma, refresh nature, comfortable aftertaste.
5 202706  EXTREMELY COLD SOUL Double heavy menthol cool sense, rich menthol fruity sweet note.
6 201628 SHORT CUT IN NORTH POLE Extremely rock icy feeling, pure menthol aroma with light tobacco base, taste sweet and mellow, rich aroma.
7 201621  MENTHOL'S JOY Pure menthol aroma, sweet rose scent, slight melon and lilac mixed note, rich and elegant, taste fine and mellow. 
8 201611  ICE BREAKER Strongly menthol taste, icy awesome through the whole body, sting into the mouth and throat.
9 201636  CRITICAL STRIKE Cool menthol icy as high as Mount Everest,extremly good feeling, like a real man.
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