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Tobacco and Cigar E-juice

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    Containing different style and profile for different customer's demand. The somke surrounding your body and soul, strong or light, sweet or sorrow, the philosophy of life shows up.

1 122706  LOVE OF CHINA Rich and mellow flue-cured tobacco note, natrual and enrich aroma, tasted with satiation and comfortable.
2 105703  SEVENTH HEAVEN Elegant and mellow baked aroma, companied by soft characteristic Britich flue-cured, offers slight gentle and smooth in mouth, long-lasting.
3 126701  GOLD SAND Refresh and Elegant flue-cured aroma, fine and smooth, rich and and long-lasting.
4 123701  LOTUS FAIRY Elegant and comfortable troditional cigarette note, mellow and rich, fine and smooth smoke with long-lasting characteristic, shows up the beauty of the natural tobacco, tasted concentrated and comfortable.
5 101749  ROMANTIC CHARM Mid-mannered aroma, sweet and unfatty taste, light natural tobacco note, elegant vanilla profile, unique note design, strongly durable smoking, presenting pleasant and special experience.
6 101721  SOUL OF DRAGON Mature flue-cured tobacco aroma, mellow and tough smoke, taste long-lasting.
7 124701  ELEGANT INCENSE Pure composity tobacco note, pure and mild, warm and smooth aroma, rich and comfortable aftertaste.
8 104708  HAVANA Rich cigar note, thick and solid, penetrating smoke, comfortable taste.
9 126703  PLATINUM CYSTAL Refresh and elegent flue-cured tobacco note, elegant and unique aroma, with light bean and coconut profile, long-lasting and endless aftertaste.
10 123703  MANOR Refresh and sweet, with Yunnan tabacco's unique note,moderate strong, salivaly and satisfied aftertaste.
11 122705  THE DEVINE LAND Elegant and comfortable troditional cigarette note, mellow and rich, fine and smooth smoke with long-lasting.
12 101748  CHIVALROUS AND FAIRY Tipical flue-cured tobacco compound with sweet aroma, concentrated and comfortable taste, refresh and graceful note, fine and mellow smoke, unique, perfect experience for enjoying the nature and pure.
13 122715  CHINESE GOD Strong-flavored type tobacco natural note, fruit and tobacco compound as nature, Coherent and harmonized, comfortable and surprised.
14 124707  MAN OF IRON Mellow and elegant tobacco compound note, rich and soft aroma, fine and smooth aftertaste.
15 126708  STARY NIGHT Taste refresh and elegant tobacco natural note, moss green and smoke conbination as nature, fine and smooth at throat, coherent, harmonized and comfortable in nose.
16 122721  CHINESE DREAM Graceful taste for joy, inspirational style, pure and elegant taste.
17 122720  CHINESE SOUL Sweet note combined with high-flavored style, Brings a dreaming travel of magic.
18 124705  RHYME OF BEAUTY Refresh and elegant, moderate sweet, modest luxury aftertaste, classical and noble style.
19 124707  SKY WANDERER Continuously elegant aroma surrounding in the tougue, the mind flying into the heaven, in a trance, drunk yourself in the smoke.
20 123704  SKY BLUE True tobacco note, original nature and siplicity refresh, no deliberate to decorate,overintervene, but to deliver the value to satisfy yourself.
21 104712  BEGINNING OF THE WORLD Fallen into the imagination of Taiji's world.
22 118707  HARMONY Deep golden color shows noble and steady,elegant and kind, smoke with soft and mellow, fine and smooth, mellow and salivary.
23 135701  BUDDHA'S CONFUSION Taste of  eaglewood, approaching to the top tobacco, enjoy the pleasure for both.
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